Wireless Digital Photo Frames

Wireless digital photo frames have just appeared in the last couple of years, and their many benefits have made them tremendously popular. Employing several different wireless technologies, from Bluetooth to 802.11b/g, these digital photo frames allow you to interact with them directly from other devices, without the hassle of cables. This can be especially valuable if you’re planning on hanging your digital frame on the wall, and don’t want to deal with taking it down to update the pictures.

Bluetooth frames can receive pictures directly from your Bluetooth enabled cell phones or cameras. How often do you take a cool picture with your phone only to never share it with anyone? Now you can upload it directly to wireless digital photo frames with wifi to share with everyone. PixStar frames in particular even allow the configuration of an email address for each frame, so you can send photos with captions directly to a specific frame, from any device you want.

Some of the more advanced wireless digital photo frames allow integration with online photo sharing sites, such as Flickr. Now, not only can you share your own photos with your guests, but you can even display your friends’ photos on your wireless digital photo frame, simply by connecting to their online profiles!

Even for those who don’t want to get too fancy with online photo sharing, video streaming and all the other fun possibilities available, wireless picture frames still offer unsurpassed ease of use, as they can be connected directly to your computer without cables. No longer will you have to take your digital photo frame off the wall and plug it into your computer to update its contents, or even to insert a memory card into it. Upload photos from your computer across the room or even further, with just a click of the mouse!

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