The Best Ways to Use a Digital Picture Frame

Every new technology goes through a growing phase, where people constantly experiment with new ways to fit the technology into their lives. Digital photo frames have been available for a few years now, but they are only now truly becoming popular, and people are finding truly unique ways to use them. Here’s a list of the ways that we’ve come up with, broken down by category. If you think of something that isn’t listed here, by all means send us a comment at the bottom of the page and we’ll add your suggestion, and give you credit!

As Gift Ideas

  • For a grandparent, to stay up to date on how their grandchildren are “growing like weeds!”
  • For a newly engaged couple, to show pictures of each other before and after they met.
  • For a newly-married couple, to display pictures of their wedding and/or honeymoon.
  • For the parents of a new-born, to show off the hundreds of pictures and video they will no doubt take of their new baby.
  • For college students, to remind them of home (if you’re the parents)
  • For college students, for them to show off pictures of their wild college antics (if you’re not the parents =)
  • For a non-technologically inclined friend or relative who doesn’t have a computer.
  • For a spouse, to take to work and show off their family to co-workers.
  • For a co-worker to display on their desk.
  • When giving a digital photo frame as a gift, if possible, pre-load it with pictures you know will be meaningful to the recipient. They’ll love it right out of the box!

Business Uses

  • Christmas gifts for your employees. Pre-load the frame with a startup screen displaying the company logo and a few select images. They will love this gift.
  • In a tradeshow, to use a digital frame to draw people to your booth – it works!. Show off high resolution pictures of your latest projects on the largest frame you can get.
  • Impromtu presentations, right in your office. Have the frame preloaded with a mini-presentation of what you can do for your client.
  • Point of Sale upselling; display offers right near the checkout.
  • Create a brief presentation that greets your clients at the reception desk. Show them what you can do for them.
  • Hairdressers, manicurists, etc – show photos of your best successes (and most profitable “doos”) in front of every client while they’re being worked on.
  • Travel agencies – show photos of popular destinations to help close a sale.
  • Wedding Photographers – display a large digital photo frame right by the bar displaying the best wedding or engagement pictures. Leave a pile of cards beside the frame and wait for the leads to pour in!
  • Small shops – use the digital frame as an inexpensive way to advertise to your customers while they wait in line. You can make the ads yourself!
  • Sales people – use to display your product, or even factory sponsored promotional material.
  • Sports stores – use to show the best sports clips your customers would be interested in. Throw in some ads for good measure.
  • Teachers – offer your students a chance to do a “digital show and tell.” Or, let each student contribute one photo to the class screensaver!
  • Real Estate Agents – show your clients high resolution pictures of your homes right from your desk.
  • Interior Decorators – show off your best creations to prospective clients.
  • Large offices could use a wireless digital frame to display a schedule of bookings for a conference room. The schedule could be updated wirelessly once a day, or as often as desired, and displayed in a convenient location.

In the Home

  • Show off photos of your latest vacation, your kids, your friends, your dog – anything!
  • Pick your favorite artistic photos and impress your friends.
  • Download famous art and change the view every now and then.
  • In the Kitchen – let your digital picture frame pull double duty as a convenient way to store and show your favorite recipes.
  • In the kid’s bedroom – display their favorite cartoon characters instead of having posters everywhere.
  • In the nursery – Create a slideshow of happy family scenes, overlay some lullabies as a soundtrack and let if play for your newborn as they go to sleep.
  • On the mantle – create a slideshow of family pictures that spans the decades.
  • Use the digital photo frame as a way to encourage fun family occasions. Every time you do something, pass the camera around and let everyone take some pictures.
  • Buy a few keychain digital picture frames, load them with family pictures and hang them on your Christmas tree!

Wireless Uses

  • Stream photos back home to family and friends while you’re still away on vacation!
  • Send pictures to your wireless digital picture frame directly from your cellphone.
  • Use FrameChannel to stream your favorite content directly into your home.
  • Wirelessly update your photos at work from your home PC.

If you’ve got a great idea that’s not listed here, please leave a comment below and add your ideas!