Smartparts SPDPF70EW 7-Inch Wood Digital Picture Frame

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Smartparts SPDPF70EW 7-Inch Wood Digital Picture Frame
Manufacturer: SmartParts
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Product Description

Digital picture frames are a wonderful way of displaying all of your digital pictures on one single frame. The automatic slide show feature (standard on all Smartparts frames) will scroll through every picture on your memory card. Three easy steps: No computer needed- just remove your card from your digital camera, insert the card into the frame and the frame will display your pictures. There is no need to edit and print your pictures on a computer. The Smartparts digital picture frame is the perfect way to share all of your precious memories.

Product Details

  • Displays Digital Images
  • High Resolution 7" LCD Display
  • Slide Show Option
  • Plays MP3
  • Supports Most Memory Cards (SD, MMC, Ms, and xD)

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