Smartparts SP35P 3.5-Inch Digital Picture Frame (Black)

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Smartparts SP35P 3.5-Inch Digital Picture Frame (Black)
Manufacturer: SmartParts
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Product Description

Hold thousands of pictures in the palm of your hands with this ultra portable digital photo album and frame. The sleek, thin SP35P displays photos directly from SD and SDHC memory cards. With its mirror finished bezel and flat-back rubberized casing, this stylish unit looks great on the desk, and is small enough to carry everywhere. It includes advanced features like variable speed slide show, transition effects, power-saving settings, and the ability to connect to a computer to transfer photos. The built in battery also charges when connected via USB to a computer.

Product Details

  • Beautiful, sleek, and powerful 3.5-inch display
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Protective Case that also cleans the digital screen
  • SD/ MMC memory card compatibility
  • Frame fits in the palm of your hands

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