Small Digital Photo Frames

There are different uses for small digital photo frames, from carrying them around with you on a daily basis, to simply squeezing into a little corner on your desk at work.

Portable digital photo frames are perfect for anyone looking for mobility. Your pictures represent precious memories, so why not take them with you? These smallest of digital picture frames are usually designed with multiple functions, so they are useful anywhere you take them. Surprise your friends by pulling out a pocket sized digital photo frame to show them your latest pictures while you’re bored on the bus!

Keychain digital picture frames provide the ultimate in portability, while at the same time holding your keys together. Key chain digital photo frames are rugged and durable enough to survive in pockets and purses, yet always look great the minute you take them out to show a friend some pictures. Impress your friends with colorful pictures on your next key fob – even make them jealous that they only have leather! Leather is so old-school – go digital!

Alarm clock digital picture frames are ideal for frequent travelers. Some of these digital photo frame clocks even have calendars and thermometers built into them! What better way to wake up on a long business trip than to vibrant photos of families and friends reminding you of home! Digital frame clocks are also a stylish addition to any office cubicle or desk. Some of these are powered by USB, so they can run right off your computer, showing off your best pictures to your co-workers. How’s that for a water-cool conversation starter?

Keychain Digital Photo Frames

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5″ Digital Photo Frames

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