Philips 5.6-Inch Digital Photo Frame (White)

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Philips 5.6-Inch Digital Photo Frame (White)
Manufacturer: Philips
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Product Description

The 5FFCMI photo frame with 5.6" high resolution digital image. Display your digital photos with the same rich color and quality of professional prints. The high pixel density give you sharp detailed photo display in a 4:3 aspect ration for optimal icture viewing. The Auto Fit feature will automatically size your digtal photo to fill the display screen. The photo manager will allow you play slide shows, display single photos or show thumbnails of a group fo pictures. Easily create photo albums, cut and size your photos, rotate or mask to customize the image. Fast and easy photo transfers from you PC via USB 2.0 connection. Memory card slots will allow you to transer, copy or use as additional memory for the photo frame. Has a built in memory of 32 MB and displays images up to 640 x 480 resolution for sharp clear pictures. AC power cord.

Product Details

  • High-pixel-density 640 x 480 display for sharp and detailed photo display
  • 4:3 aspect ratio for optimal distortion-free display
  • Auto photo orientation to fit portrait or landscape modes
  • Create albums, slideshows, and manage your photos
  • Display and manage photos on memory cards or 32MB internal memory

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