NIX Hu-Motion X10A – World’s 1st Energy Saving Digital Picture Frame with Motion Detection Sensor – Turns On/Off Automatically when you enter or leave the room!

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NIX Hu-Motion X10A - World's 1st Energy Saving Digital Picture Frame with Motion Detection Sensor - Turns On/Off Automatically when you enter or leave the room!
Manufacturer: NIX
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Product Description

The worlds first digital photo frame with a motion detection sensor has arrived! The X10A has now also been selected for the Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry "Smart Green Home" Exhibition for 2010. The Motion Detection Sensor delivers two distinct benefits. First it saves energy by only powering on and off when it senses you're nearby. Secondly it provides the highest order of convenience by switching the frame on and off without you having to so much as touch a button! The Motion Detection Sensor is set up to a range of 2.5 metres to avoid movement from far away activating the frame, such as a person just passing by a room. The timer on the sensor can be set from a series of intervals from 1 minute to 24hrs before it switches off after sensing no movement, or the Motion Detection Sensor can be switched off completely and you can use the fully functioning remote control or buttons on the back of the frame. Also with the motion detection system feature activated, once you've loaded your photos onto your frame, you'll never even need to so much as touch your frame to use it! The frame can display your photos in a progressed shuffled order to mix it up a bit or in sequence. You also have the option to display up to four photos at once in Split Screen Mode. The Hi Resolution screen provides a lush large image for your photos, making the most of large mega-pixel images. Additional features include a large internal memory. Video and music direct from your computer to your frame via a USB cable (included). The X10A now also sports the new 'Combo' feature that allows you to place specifically chosen images and music together in a single folder, thus allowing you to essentially create a specific soundtrack for a specific slide show. Ideal for showing off that holiday you just got back from! Remember that connecting the frame to external speakers via the audio jack allows for an even richer sound experience.

Product Details

  • Energy Saving Motion Detector that will switch the frame off if it detects no movement nearby (range 2.5m approx, adjustable settings & can also be switched off completely)
  • 10 Inch Ultra Sharp High Resolution WVGA Widescreen
  • 512MB Internal Memory, JPEG Photo, MP4 Video & MP3 music playback - SD, SDHC, xD, Sony MS, USB Flash Drive
  • Auto Rotate Motion Sensor that rotates your photos when you rotate the frame to portrait position
  • Split Screen Function that displays up to 4 photos on the screen at once, Remote Control, PC & MAC Compatible

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