Nathan Sawatzky Uses a Digital Spectrum MV1700

Our digital picture frames are successfully being used by many businesses to gain a competitive edge in their environments. Nathan Sawatzky is a professional wedding photographer in Vancouver who is effectively using his digital photo frame to grow his business. Here’s how he does it.

Professional Photographer Nathan SawatzkyThe number one way that wedding photographers generate new business is through referrals, word of mouth referrals from their satisfied customers. As you know, word of mouth is incredibly powerful advertising, but the trick is, how do you get people talking about you in the first place? As a photographer, if you’re as good during the photo shoot as Nathan is with his clients, you’re bound to get some compliments, and even referrals, but how can you put that into overdrive?

For Nathan, the solution was simple. Get your work in front of people when they will appreciate it the most. He did this with a digital picture frame from On the wedding day, immediately after the photo shoot, Nathan uses a laptop running Show It software to very quickly edit approximately 40 of the best pictures from the day, on the spot. He then uploads these 40 pictures to a CompactFlash memory card, which is easily inserted into his 17” Digital Spectrum Memory Frame MV1700.

Digital Spectrum 17" MV1700 Digital Photo FrameAs the wedding party returns to the reception, Nathan slips his MV1700 on the corner of the bar, along with a healthy stack of business cards. Nathan’s frame is equipped with an automatic slideshow feature, allowing him to merely turn it on, and walk away while beautiful photos of the lucky couple start showing all evening long.

Why It Works So Well

The benefits to this strategy should be obvious, but we’re going to lay them out for you just to be certain the brilliance is obvious to all.

  1. The bride and groom are delighted to have their precious photos displayed so quickly. At most weddings the guests do not usually get to see the professional photos (only their own), and, for the few guests that do get to see the photos, it is usually weeks later when the couple is back from honeymoon. For that matter, the couple themselves rarely see the pictures until then!
  2. The guests are excited about seeing the photos for the same reason. For logistical reasons, guests are not typically invited to the photo shoot along with the wedding party, so these photos are all new to them.
  3. Every time someone gets another drink from the bar they will see the photos playing off to the side. Nathan can testify that in many cases these people walk back to their table and immediately tell their friends about the photos that are playing by the bar.
  4. The photos get even better the more people take trips to the bar!
  5. At nearly every wedding there is someone in attendance who is soon to be getting married themselves, or has a close friend in that position. Nathan says the best time to get a business card into that persons’ hands is exactly as they are being overwhelmed by the beauty and professionalism of the work their friends’ received. Good thing that stack of business cards is right beside the digital picture frame!

Nathan Sawatzky uses a 17″ digital frame in his business – why don’t you too?

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