How Much Can I Store On A Memory Card?

How much can be stored on a memory card? The table below shows approximate values, based on average file sizes. It is meant as a rough guide, because file sizes often vary dramatically.

If you’re finding that you can’t fit as much on your digital frame as you anticipated, try compressing the file sizes. Most modern digital cameras are capable of taking pictures with far more detail than digital frames are able to display, so if you reduce the size of the file you won’t notice any difference on the digital frame, and you’ll save yourself a lot of room as well!

Capacity Photos Songs Videos
256 MB 226 149 79
512MB 452 298 159
1 GB 905 595 317
2 GB 1808 1190 635
4 GB 3619 2381 1270
8 GB 7238 4762 2540
16 GB 14,476 9524 5080

Based on an average size of 1.18 MB per photo, 1.8 MB per song, and 3.39 MB per video.