Medium Digital Photo Frames

Medium digital photo frames are the most popular size of digital frame. Packing many great features into a nice-sized package, most people can find a place to feature a digital picture frame in the 7″ – 10″ category.

All of these digital frames have good high resolution and vibrant colors on their screens, making your photos come alive in a whole new way.

Some great ideas on how to use a mid-size digital picture frame:

– Gifts! Any size of digital picture frame makes a great gift! An 8″ digital photo frame would be the perfect birthday gift for any teenager. Instead of countless posters on their wall, why not have a constantly updated selection of cool pictures on a digital photo frame?

– Father’s Day or Mother’s Day provides a perfect opportunity to give the gift of shared memories to your loved one.

– Liven up the children’s bedroom or a guest room.

– Surprise your spouse with a digital picture frame loaded with old pictures of your wedding and honeymoon or another cherished memory.

Checkout our selection of medium sized digital picture frames and see which one is perfect for you!

7″ Digital Picture Frames

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8″ Digital Picture Frames

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10″ Digital Picture Frames

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