Matsunichi Photoblitz 10.2-Inch 16:9 Digital Picture Frame

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Matsunichi "Photoblitz" 10.2-Inch 16:9 Digital Picture Frame
Manufacturer: Matsunichi Inc.
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Product Description

Customize and display all your favorite photos with this Matsunichi photoblitz PF1009M Widescreen Digital Photo Frame!This photoblitz frame features a 10-inch TFT LCD screen with an impressive 800 x 480 resolution. Enjoy full, rich, vibrant detail with the 250 cd/m2 brightness and 300:1 contrast ratio. With a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio and wide viewing angles, this Matsunichi frame allows you to view your photos without any loss of detail or distortion.Customize your own slide shows with 14 unique transitions, single and multiple image slide shows, and programmable repeat modes. Set your images to the soundtrack of your life, this PF1009M also doubles as a MP3 player with built-in speakers and a headphone jack! This frame has 128 MB of internal memory, enough room for up to 500 pictures, and also supports the most popular forms of digital memory cards with two built-in card readers. The PF1009M comes with two interchangeable frames, making this versatile digital frame the perfect compliment to any home, office, or dorm room decor!

Product Details

  • 10-inch Matsunichi photoblitz PF1009M Digital Photo Frame General Features: 10-inch TFT LCD screen
  • 16:9 aspect ratio 800 x 480 resolution 250 cd/m2 brightness 300:1 contrast ratio
  • 65/45 vertical viewing angle 65/65 horizontal viewing angle 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz frequency response
  • 128 MB NAND built-in memory (up to 500 pictures using transcoding technology)
  • Multilingual OSD (English, French and Spanish)

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