Local Caterer Uses Digital Frames as Marketing Tools

Claire runs a catering and party planning business has found a few very effective ways to use digital picture frames to gain a competitive advantage over her competitors. Her business specializes in cocktail parties, appetizers, hors d’oeuvres and tasting menus.

Digital Frames Can Advertise For You

Each year, she has several exhibitions at her home and also attends various industry conventions. At these events, she has used digital picture frames to describe no only her extensive menus, but also to describe the various services she offers as a caterer. The work involved is negligible; she just sets up several power point slides and then saves them in a pdf format. She then uploads them to her digital picture frame and is able to make a mini commercial that continuously scrolls in the frame.

Claire has a few extra special menu items, such as her signature hors d’oeuvres. For these recipes, she has offered a tasting menu of items with a digital picture frame set up next to the platter that lists the names and ingredients of all the items offered. One particular convention she attended was geared towards the restaurant business; her display was so popular that the large chain restaurants who were offering free coupons, promotional giveaways, free food, etc. were actually irritated that a small caterer such as herself was receiving so much attention!

Don’t Think Like The Competition

Claire likes to think outside the box when it comes to using her digital picture frame. Most of her competitors use traditional photo albums to show customers what their food looks like, how it is displayed, how the tables are setup and how the venues are decorated. Claire has taken this this marketing strategy into the twenty-first century, as she likes to use her digital picture frame instead. When meeting with a client, she will setup the digital picture frame, and while they are discussing menus and pricing, the frame will show a continuous slide show of her most beautiful work. More often than not, the client will see something in the slide show that will inspire them to think beyond what they initially had in mind. That’s alright with Claire, because that normally means a bigger sale for her!

Aim to Impress

Digital picture frames make for a very impressive display in any business setting. They catch the eye and you can’t help but watch as the frame scrolls through each and every frame. Claire has found them to be one of her most useful marketing tools, and when used properly, she’s found it can make for a really eye catching and beautiful display.

Smart businesses are those that learn from what others are doing in different industries, and adapt those ‘best practices’ to their own industry in a profitable way. In light of the current economic situation, it is more imperative than ever to learn what works, and apply it to your own business!

Take a moment right now, and think of one or two ways you can use a digital picture frame in your business!

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