3 Reasons Large Digital Picture Frames are Better

Large Digital Picture FramesDigital picture frames come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; some small and some large. Unless you’ve got a very specific purpose in mind for your frame and specifically want a small one, I would recommend you get a large one instead. Here’s why:

Bigger is WAY Bigger!

Digital photo frames are measured diagonally, same with televisions and computer monitors. So to illustrate my point, take a square piece of paper. Now if you had one that is twice as long, diagonally, how much surface area are you gaining? Well if it is a square, then you’ve actually quadrupled your surface area, not doubled it. The same principle holds true for digital picture frames. The bigger you go, you get more and more screen area. A 15″ screen is actually much more than double the size of a 7.5″ screen.

Bigger is Better!

Most people get a digital picture frame because they want it to be seen. Therefore, why get a small one? Large digital picture frames can more easily be seen from across a room, and they catch way more attention than small frames! If the whole point is displaying digital pictures for all to see, then bigger is definitely better.

Easier to See!

Large digital frames are more easily seen by people with poor eyesight. As people get older, their eyesight naturally tends to get weaker. Digital picture frames are a terrific gift for grandparents, because they can always get updated pictures of their grandchildren; however if you’re getting a digital frame for a grandparent, don’t make the mistake of getting a small one. Choose one of our large digital picture frames and ensure that they’ll be able to see it with ease – don’t get one that they have to stand directly in front of and squint to see each photo!

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