How to Give a Digital Frame to a Non-“Techie” Person

Do you know someone who is either techno-phobic (fears technology) or just simply doesn’t get it and can’t figure things out? Does the thought of giving them a digital picture frame make you squeamish? 

Well don’t worry, digital picture frames are very easy to use to start out with, and with a little extra effort on your part, you can make your digital frame gift as easy to use as turning on the lights. Here are three key ways to help you do that.

Internal Memory vs Flash Memory

When you’re purchasing a digital photo frame you need to first consider how it will be updated. In our scenario where you’re going to be making this as easy as possible for your friend, chances are you might be doing the updating. In this case, I would probably recommend going with a digital picture frame that is capable of using flash memory cards. This way, all you need to do is get two cards, and switch them from time to time. You update the pictures on one, at your own house, then when you’re visiting, you simply change the cards and they’ve got a new batch of pictures! 

Wireless Digital Frames

Wireless frames are another option that can make the updating process even easier. With a wireless frame, you can set it up with a Flickr account, or with FrameChannel, in such a way that you can actually update their pictures right from your own computer! The digital frame will simply update via the internet. This can be an excellent option if you live far away and don’t get to visit very often!

Mount it on a Wall

Some people don’t like having things cluttering up the counter or mantelpieces, and if you’re trying to keep this easy for your friend, why not just put it out of the way, up on the wall? Nearly all digital picture frames have universal mounting holes on the back of them, so you can easily hang them up with a pair of screws. The only thing you’re going to need to consider here is what you will do with the power cord. If possible, mount the frame in such a way that the cord isn’t very visible. 

There you go – three unique ideas to help you give a digital frame to someone who really doesn’t get along well with technology! Don’t worry, they’ll love it once they see what it can do!

One Response to How to Give a Digital Frame to a Non-“Techie” Person
  1. CeivaJoe
    May 18, 2009 | 6:16 pm

    There is another way to make giving a frame as a “easy” gift you might like to consider… you might want to look at the “connected” frame that we offer at CEIVA. While our frames and their ability to “network” together has been around since 2000 (YUP 9years now!) many people have not heard of us.

    As people start to own frames they are learning of the pitfalls of keeping them fresh with new pictures. This can be quite a job especially since often it falls on the shoulders of the techy to handle for the non-techy. Our frames really make sharing pictures among family and friends a no brainer.


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