HandStands 1.5 Digital Photo Keychain (Black)

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HandStands 1.5" Digital Photo Keychain (Black)
Manufacturer: HandStands
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Product Description

Innovation in every detail comes in a pocket-sized package without sacrificing high-performance. The Q: Electronics 1.5 Inch Digital Keychain provides a way to store up to 100 precious photos that can be kept with you at all times. Show off your kids, pets and classic moments with friends and family. Enjoy an enveloping experience with the Q: Electronics 1.5 Inch Digital Photo Keychain, containing a Li-ion battery of superior quality that can be charged in no time. To increase the amount of power, the Q: Electronics 1.5 Inch Digital Photo Keychain has an auto-off function, which allows you to savor energy by utilizing the idle-mode when not in use. Now featured in 4 colors, including; red, silver, blue and black, the Digital Keychain is sure to match any handbag, wallet or keychain. Exceptional in simplicity, the Q: Electronics 1.5 Inch Digital Keychain has a manual and automatic play mode that can be easily accessed. Enhance digital living with photos in both BMP and JPEG format, which can be easily loaded and stored. Buy one for yourself or give it to a friend, and make it a gift they'll never forget. Compatible with most PC's, XP and new OS, Mac OS 10.4 and above. Not compatible with Snow Leopard or Windows 7.

Product Details

  • Stainless steel backing
  • Light weight and durable
  • Auto on/off
  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista

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