Giving Grandparents a Perfectly Personalized Gift

Grandparents love receiving gifts from their grandchildren, or on behalf of their grandchildren. But even more than the gift itself, most grandparents will tell you that they love their grandchildren, and seeing pictures of them (when they can’t actually be with them!). 

So put that fact together with a digital picture frame, and you’ve got a perfect gift that you can uniquely personalize to your own grandparents. 

Personalize with Pictures

The best way to personalize a digital picture frame is to take a few minutes prior to gifting it, and load it up with pictures that the grandparent will be sure to love and cherish. If you’re the middle generation in this scenario, then load it up with family pictures, even video clips of your children playing and doing cute things. Trust me, the older generation will love it!

Large Frames Are Best

It probably goes without saying that most grandparents’ eyesight was better in the past than it is now. For this reason, if you’re purchasing a digital photo frame to give away to an elderly couple, do them a favor and get a large one. You don’t want them to have to stand directly in front of it, and squint just to see the photos. Get one that is large enough that they can view it comfortably from anywhere in the room. As a rough guide, I’d probably say go with at least a 15″ frame, perhaps even 17″.

Wireless Frames Are Easy!

If the person you’re planning on giving the digital picture frame to isn’t all that technologically savvy, don’t worry about it! If you get them a wireless digital picture frame, you can do all the technical work for them (and it’s not hard!). All you need is a wireless network and a wireless digital frame and you can hook it up to the internet. With a Flickr account you can then update the pictures they see on their digital frame right from your own computer at home! This scenario takes all of the techno-hassle out of the equation, so all they need to do is put the digital frame on a shelf and keep it plugged in.

If you’re looking for a very personalized gift for the special grandparents in your life, consider giving them a digital picture frame this year. With the ability to update it continually, it is the gift that will never grow old!

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