Digital Spectrum MemoryFRAME ULTRA MF1202X2 12.1-Inch Digital Picture Frame

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Digital Spectrum MemoryFRAME ULTRA MF1202X2 12.1-Inch Digital Picture Frame
Manufacturer: Digital Spectrum
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Product Description

The MF1202X2 presents both style and sophistication with modern design and technology. On the surface you will see a glossy piano black finish with a protective lens covering the full face of the product. The body is slim and modern in design with a metal stand. The stand is adjustable for both vertical & horizontal positioning, and removable for wall mounting of the frame. An intuitive joystick controller is placed on the back of the unit, on the far right, allowing for simple no-look access and ease of use. The remote control magnetically attaches to the back of the unit for storage and safekeeping. From a technological standpoint, the MF1202X2 delivers a full range of features with the power to perform. Watch your homemade or downloaded videos, listen to music, play slideshows or display your favorite picture.You can even set the frame to display the Clock and Calendar while playing a slideshow with your favorite music. Customize the look by adding a 10" X 13" ready-made frame. Simply choose a frameof your liking (Gold, Red, White, Wood, Metal, etc ) from any store that sells pre-made frames (10" X 13"). Lay the frame face down and install the MF1202X2 into the frame. A frame installation kit is included to make this a breeze. You will then have a completely custom look not available from any other digital picture frame.

Product Details

  • 12.1" MemoryFrame Ultra X
  • Ultra-Modern Design Piano Black Finish - Full Lens Cover
  • Audio/Video, Clock/Calendar
  • Compatible with 10" X 13" Ready-made Frames
  • 2 GB Memory, 4:3 Aspect Ratio, 4-in-1 Card Reader

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