Digital Frames in the Hospitality Industry

On a recent business trip to Dallas, the hotel I was staying at had digital picture frames placed in key locations around the hotel. Naturally, this caught my attention. I noticed them at the front desk, in the lobby, in the windows of some offices off the hallways, and at the reception desk in the restaurant. They were very large, I think only 7 or 8 inch frames, and they looked very classy. Each frame had the same slide show playing; a collection of professionally taken pictures of different parts of the hotel, showcasing their facilities and services.

The brilliant part of this strategy was that it gave the hotel an opportunity to cross-sell their services to their customer. I wasn’t even aware that they had such nice gym, sauna and spa facilities until I saw the pictures in the digital frame. People who stay in hotels on business trips don’t usually take the time to wander the hallways and see what else there is available. They just don’t have time. Therefore, without giving each person a sales pitch when the arrive, most people wouldn’t find out about these things.


The benefits in this particular case would be increased use of the hotel’s facilities, presumably leading to increased customer satisfaction, and therefore a higher rate of re-bookings. Anytime there is something you can do to impress on your customer that you are better than the competition, it is well worth doing.


The digital frames served the purpose of educating me about my options – on my own time, in a way that was interesting to me, and very quickly. I was free to walk right past if I chose, or if I wanted, I could quickly watch the whole slide show in about a minute.

You see, many businesses just focus on getting people in the door. However, once there, the next challenge is to see how you can serve them best, and therefore maximize their profit potential to you.


People can’t help but look at moving pictures. Have you ever been to someone’s house, trying to have a conversation, and the other person kept watching the TV, even though the sound was off? It’s the same idea. Our eyes are naturally drawn to the movement. Business owners can use this to their advantage by setting up a quick slide show on a digital frame. People will naturally stop and look, even for a brief moment. Use these few seconds to your advantage!

Simple to Implement

Setting up a slide show takes very little time on the part of the business owner, and then digital picture frame will function as a mini advertising node for as long as you want it to. It is not intrusive, and if done well, it will actually draw the customer’s attention for a brief minute, and hopefully give them something to think about.

So now that you’ve learned something that is working in another industry – don’t just file that away for posterity. Stop. Take a moment to think of one way you could use a digital picture frame in your business. It just might be easier to implement than you thought!

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