Digital Foci Photo Book 8-Inch Portable Digital Photo Album (PBK-080)

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Digital Foci Photo Book 8-Inch Portable Digital Photo Album (PBK-080)
Manufacturer: Digital Foci Inc.
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Product Description

Digital Foci Photo Book is a portable digital photo album with an 8-inch 800 x 600 pixel LCD screen supported by LED backlight and 4GB internal flash memory. Featuring a slim design encased in a soft leather-like case for a convenient, elegant photo presentation, Photo Book is a great way to carry collections of digital photos for enjoying and sharing in a variety of settings. Photo Book has a battery life of over 2.5 hours. It’s an ideal family brag book and presentation tool. To use, simply load photos to Photo Book’s internal memory directly from a memory card or USB flash drive. Supported cards include CF, SD, SDHC, MMC, xD, Memory Stick, and MSPRO. You can also transfer photos, videos, and music from the computer via USB connection.Photo Book lets you organize photos into different albums and choose a specific album to view. “Photo Album View” displays each folder as a separate album, showing its folder name and a preview image of the first photo in the album. “Photo Thumbnail View” lets you browse through the thumbnails of the photos in a selected album. In addition to running a full screen photo slideshow with adjustable time intervals, you can also run a slideshow with an elegant page-turning effect, just as if you were flipping through an actual photo album. Music can also be added to play in the background along with your slideshow.Perfect for professional photographers to display photos in an elegant portfolio, Photo Book supports RAW images from a wide selection of DSLRs.Photo Book users can organize photos into different collections, and choose a specific collection to show depending on their audience. Photos are automatically rotated to their correct orientation based on the EXIF data captured by the camera, and can also be zoomed, panned, and rotated. Photo Book comes with soft leather-like case, AC power adapter, Standard USB cable (to computer), USB OTG cable (to USB flash drive), and Quick Start Guide.

Product Details

  • 8-inch 800x600 high-resolution digital LCD with LED backlighting - Comes with soft leather-like case that protects the Photo Book
  • 4 GB internal flash memory - Supports CF, SD/HC, MMC, MS/PRO, xD, USB flash drive - Copy albums directly from cards or USB flash drives
  • Displays each photo album with folder name and thumbnail photo preview - Automatic photo slideshow with adjustable time interval
  • 2.5 hours of battery life on rechargeable battery - Ideal for passing around while sitting on a living room sofa or at a business presentation
  • Supports RAW image viewing from DSLRs - Perfect for professional photographers to display photo collections in a elegant portfolio

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