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Choosing An Electronic Picture Frame

Electronic Picture FrameWhen you’re trying to decide on which electronic picture frame you want to buy, there are a few things you need to consider. Go through this checklist while considering your situation, as it will help you determine what to look for in an electronic picture frame.

Choosing An Electronic Picture Frame

First, you need to look at where you will be using the electronic picture frame. If at home, which room will it be situated in? If you’re planning on putting the electronic picture frame in a small room, you probably don’t need a very large frame; however if you’re planning on putting it in a living room or other larger area, you might want to consider one of the large digital frames instead. When you’re watching an electronic picture frame from across the room, you need to make sure it is large enough to see clearly; otherwise people will be forced to always get up and go close to the screen in order to enjoy it.

Second, you need to consider who will be using the electronic picture frame. Older people will usually appreciate a larger screen, as it allows them see the photos more clearly, and with less strain on their eyes.

Third, does the electronic picture frame need wireless capabilities? Wireless frames are one of the newer features, and as such, they do add to the cost somewhat. However, they also provide the ability to upload pictures without physically connecting the frame to a computer, and in some cases, they allow you to upload directly from your phone or via email. A wireless electronic picture frame is definitely more convenient, but in some situations, this extra luxury may not be necessary. Another thing to consider is how often you’ll be updating the electronic picture frame. If you plan on updating it very often, wireless may be the way to go. If you only plan on doing it every few months, then it probably won’t be a big hassle to simply connect the electronic picture frame to your PC every now and then.

The fourth thing to consider when choosing an electronic picture frame is of course cost. Are you buying it for yourself, or as a gift? Once you have an idea of what your budget is, that will in many cases determine to a degree what you’re able to buy. If you have a smaller budget, say less than $100, then you’re more likely going to have to settle for a fairly simple, smaller electronic picture frame. If however you can afford a bit more, perhaps closer to the $200 or $300 mark, then you’re likely to be able to find an electronic picture frame that is fully loaded with features, and also quite a large screen.

Using a Digital Frame as a Recipe Reader

Here’s a cool way you can use a digital picture frame – as a recipe reader in your kitchen! With all the online recipe sites out there it is very easy to get a recipe onto your frame. You could even use the frame as a way of storing your favorite recipes for easy recall later on!

Talk about cool kitchen gadgets!