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Pix-Star 8″ Wifi Frame Review

I recently had the chance to review a Pix-Star 8″ FotoConnect Digital Photo Frame with Wifi (PXT8W002).

I have to say it is the most web-friendly digital frame I’ve ever come across, and I’m excited to continue experimenting with it, discovering new features. For now however, here’s my initial review.

You can read customer reviews of the Pix-Star FotoConnect here.

The Most Non-Irish St. Patrick’s Day Gift?

Many people use St. Patrick’s day as an excuse to give others unique gifts. Most of those gifts have themes revolving around the Irish, something green, or sometimes even beer! But why not give a completely unique St. Paddy’s Day gift that will be remembered and appreciated for a long time into the future?

I’m suggesting giving a digital picture frame as a gift this March 17. Think about it. You can customize  a digital picture frame uniquely for the person you’re giving it to, by simply taking the time to pre-load it with pictures they’re sure to appreciate.

In fact, if you wanted to make it fit in with the St. Patrick Day theme, why not go onto Flickr or one of the other photo sharing sites, and find all the funniest St. Paddy’s Day pictures you can? I’m sure there’s no end of comical pictures, cartoons and even movie clips that you could load up onto your digital picture frame.

This could also be a great gift for someone in your office. Load it up with funny jokes, and you’ll keep your co-workers entertained for weeks to come.

Digital picture frames come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ve definitely got a great selection to choose from. From large digital frames 15″ across and larger, all the way down to unique digital frames that hang on your keychain, to travel clocks ideal for the business traveler, you can give a digital frame as a useful gift to pretty much anyone you put your mind to.

Who says you need to be like everyone else this March 17 and give something green? If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes, so why not step out from the pack and do something different this St. Patrick’s Day? You’ll be glad you did!

Digital Frames as the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is fast approaching and if you haven’t picked something for you Pop yet, you might want to consider a digital picture frame!

With a digital frame, your father could display photos of family, vacations, his favorite hobby, sports scores, or you! All dads are wired a little differently, but a wireless digital frame always goes over well. Wireless frames offer integration with RSS feeds, allowing constantly updated sports feeds to be displayed.

Alternatively, you could setup the frame to display pictures of classic cars, take from a Flickr account.

If your dad is really into stocks; you could even setup his frame with pictures and the occasional stock feed as well! You don’t want to mix business and pleasure too much though, so you might want to keep that feature on the down low.

No matter how he ultimately ends up using it, chances are good that your father would appreciate a digital picture frame this Father’s Day. Why not check out our great selection? If you order soon, you can still have it in time.

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How to Pick a Digital Frame For a Grandparent Gift

Digital picture frames make excellent gift choices for grandparents, because although they are electronic, they can be setup with about as much hassle as turning on a light. Grandparents love seeing pictures of their children’s children, and digital photo frames can make that a constantly changing pleasure.

Here are four key things to look for when you’re purchasing a digital frame for an elderly person:

Bigger is Better

Most elderly people will appreciate a screen that is as large as possible. The fact is, our eyes get older along with the rest of the body, and a screen that is bigger is just that much easier to focus on and to watch. Don’t make them stand right in front of the screen, squinting!

Large Internal Memory

Pick a frame with a decent amount of internal memory. You want something that you can load up with lots of pictures and leave for their enjoyment. If you’re going to be the one updating the pictures for the grandparents, make sure you’ve got lots of memory to play with. Alternatively, you could also get one that is compatible with the memory card from your digital camera. Then, just buy a second flash memory card, and swap the cards from time to time.

Wireless Makes Life Simple

If you get a wireless digital frame, you can set it up to automatically update the pictures via the internet. All you need is a Flickr account and a wireless network, and you’re set. Wireless frames are quite simple to setup, and then from then on you can update your grandparent’s frame remotely, from your own house! Just call and let them know there’s new pictures on there, or wait until they call you to talk about them!

Multimedia Capability is Cool

I wouldn’t recommend getting too caught up in the various bells and whistles you can get with digital picture frames, however getting one with basic multimedia capability could be an appreciated feature. Wouldn’t it be nice to toss in the odd movie clip with sound in the midst of all those static photos?

Large digital picture frames can make great gifts for grandparents – just be sure to get one that is going to be a good fit for their needs. Remember – Large screen, large memory, wireless, and video!

3 Ways to Personalize a Digital Picture Frame

If you’re looking for a gift idea, but you don’t want to give that special person the same old things, why not get them a digital picture frame? You can easily personalize a digital frame into something that is truly unique, and specialized just for them. Here are three ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Pictures of You & Them

Depending on who it is that you’re shopping for, pre-loading the digital frame with special pictures of the two of you might be just the ticket. Husbands, wives, girlfriend, boyfriend… you get the point. Pick pictures that have strong sentimental value, or that represent particularly funny stories, or anything that strikes your fancy! The person you’re giving the frame to will appreciate the time you took to make it personal.

Funny Pictures off the Internet

The internet has given rise to whole subcultures dedicated to creating funny images, cartoons and videos. Depending on your friend’s sense of humor, this might be a fun way to spice up the digital picture frame. Grab your favorite funny pictures off the internet and load them up on the frame. Or, snag some videos off YouTube and put them on there as well.

Focus on Their Hobby

Does your friend have a hobby that they really enjoy? Antique cars? Planes? Dogs? Mountain climbing? Playing guitar? Why not load up the digital frame with pictures that are relevant to their hobby?

Regardless of what you put on the digital photo frame, the very fact that you took time to put something on it before giving it to that person will speak volumes to them. They will appreciate the time you took. At the very worst, they won’t like the pictures you chose, so they can add their own, right?

How to Give a Digital Frame to a Non-“Techie” Person

Do you know someone who is either techno-phobic (fears technology) or just simply doesn’t get it and can’t figure things out? Does the thought of giving them a digital picture frame make you squeamish? 

Well don’t worry, digital picture frames are very easy to use to start out with, and with a little extra effort on your part, you can make your digital frame gift as easy to use as turning on the lights. Here are three key ways to help you do that.

Internal Memory vs Flash Memory

When you’re purchasing a digital photo frame you need to first consider how it will be updated. In our scenario where you’re going to be making this as easy as possible for your friend, chances are you might be doing the updating. In this case, I would probably recommend going with a digital picture frame that is capable of using flash memory cards. This way, all you need to do is get two cards, and switch them from time to time. You update the pictures on one, at your own house, then when you’re visiting, you simply change the cards and they’ve got a new batch of pictures! 

Wireless Digital Frames

Wireless frames are another option that can make the updating process even easier. With a wireless frame, you can set it up with a Flickr account, or with FrameChannel, in such a way that you can actually update their pictures right from your own computer! The digital frame will simply update via the internet. This can be an excellent option if you live far away and don’t get to visit very often!

Mount it on a Wall

Some people don’t like having things cluttering up the counter or mantelpieces, and if you’re trying to keep this easy for your friend, why not just put it out of the way, up on the wall? Nearly all digital picture frames have universal mounting holes on the back of them, so you can easily hang them up with a pair of screws. The only thing you’re going to need to consider here is what you will do with the power cord. If possible, mount the frame in such a way that the cord isn’t very visible. 

There you go – three unique ideas to help you give a digital frame to someone who really doesn’t get along well with technology! Don’t worry, they’ll love it once they see what it can do!

3 Ways to Impress with a Wireless Digital Picture Frame!

Digital frames are cool, but a wireless picture frame? Now THAT is cool! Wireless frames represent the latest generation of in-home technology. Here are three unique ways that you can use wireless digital frames to impress your friends and family with your tech skills! (they’re actually pretty easy to do – but they look impressive!)

1. Email a picture directly to the wireless frame

Some frames now allow you to mail pictures directly to them. Pix-Star is the only brand that offers this service entirely free, all the others charge monthly fees for access. This is cool because if you know the address of your friend’s frame, you can email pictures to it directly without even telling them! Think of the fun you could have!

2. Share photos via RSS 

In this digital age, for some strange reason it can still be a chore to share photos. However, by hooking up a wireless digital picture frame to an RSS feed (you can use this with Flickr, Facebook, Shutterfly, Picasa, and a whole host of other popular sites) you can now easily share photos between friends – right into your own home, without ever having to visit a website!

3. Send pictures directly with your cell phone

Some wireless picture frames actually integrate with your cellphones. If you’re out and about having fun somewhere, why not snap a quick picture and send it to your family or friends back home? Let them know where you are and that you’re having fun!

These are only three ways in which you can use wireless frames – there are literally dozens more great ways to have fun with these devices! Why not use them to stay in touch with family that are on the other side of the country? The sky is the limit – all you need to do is get started!

3 Reasons Large Digital Picture Frames are Better

Large Digital Picture FramesDigital picture frames come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; some small and some large. Unless you’ve got a very specific purpose in mind for your frame and specifically want a small one, I would recommend you get a large one instead. Here’s why:

Bigger is WAY Bigger!

Digital photo frames are measured diagonally, same with televisions and computer monitors. So to illustrate my point, take a square piece of paper. Now if you had one that is twice as long, diagonally, how much surface area are you gaining? Well if it is a square, then you’ve actually quadrupled your surface area, not doubled it. The same principle holds true for digital picture frames. The bigger you go, you get more and more screen area. A 15″ screen is actually much more than double the size of a 7.5″ screen.

Bigger is Better!

Most people get a digital picture frame because they want it to be seen. Therefore, why get a small one? Large digital picture frames can more easily be seen from across a room, and they catch way more attention than small frames! If the whole point is displaying digital pictures for all to see, then bigger is definitely better.

Easier to See!

Large digital frames are more easily seen by people with poor eyesight. As people get older, their eyesight naturally tends to get weaker. Digital picture frames are a terrific gift for grandparents, because they can always get updated pictures of their grandchildren; however if you’re getting a digital frame for a grandparent, don’t make the mistake of getting a small one. Choose one of our large digital picture frames and ensure that they’ll be able to see it with ease – don’t get one that they have to stand directly in front of and squint to see each photo!

Giving Grandparents a Perfectly Personalized Gift

Grandparents love receiving gifts from their grandchildren, or on behalf of their grandchildren. But even more than the gift itself, most grandparents will tell you that they love their grandchildren, and seeing pictures of them (when they can’t actually be with them!). 

So put that fact together with a digital picture frame, and you’ve got a perfect gift that you can uniquely personalize to your own grandparents. 

Personalize with Pictures

The best way to personalize a digital picture frame is to take a few minutes prior to gifting it, and load it up with pictures that the grandparent will be sure to love and cherish. If you’re the middle generation in this scenario, then load it up with family pictures, even video clips of your children playing and doing cute things. Trust me, the older generation will love it!

Large Frames Are Best

It probably goes without saying that most grandparents’ eyesight was better in the past than it is now. For this reason, if you’re purchasing a digital photo frame to give away to an elderly couple, do them a favor and get a large one. You don’t want them to have to stand directly in front of it, and squint just to see the photos. Get one that is large enough that they can view it comfortably from anywhere in the room. As a rough guide, I’d probably say go with at least a 15″ frame, perhaps even 17″.

Wireless Frames Are Easy!

If the person you’re planning on giving the digital picture frame to isn’t all that technologically savvy, don’t worry about it! If you get them a wireless digital picture frame, you can do all the technical work for them (and it’s not hard!). All you need is a wireless network and a wireless digital frame and you can hook it up to the internet. With a Flickr account you can then update the pictures they see on their digital frame right from your own computer at home! This scenario takes all of the techno-hassle out of the equation, so all they need to do is put the digital frame on a shelf and keep it plugged in.

If you’re looking for a very personalized gift for the special grandparents in your life, consider giving them a digital picture frame this year. With the ability to update it continually, it is the gift that will never grow old!

2 Ways to Proudly Show Off Your Cute Kitten Pictures

If you’ve got a kitten as cute as I do, chances are you’re frequently taking pictures of him (or her!) in the cutest poses you can manage. Kittens have a way of bringing out the photographer in all of us – those cuddly balls of fur that just beg to have their picture taken. 

Once you’ve taken all those pictures, what do you do next? I’d suggest using a digital picture frame to proudly display those photos to anyone who visits your house. 

Digital picture frames can easily hold hundreds if not thousands of photos, and you can even add sound if you want! By putting your favourite, cutest pictures into a slideshow, you’ll quickly get your guests talking about one of your favourite subjects; your cute kitten! 

The thing with kittens is that they’re not always kittens. Sooner or later they grow up into cats, and although cats are nice, everyone loves kittens. Having pictures of the kitten stage flashing up on your digital frame will always bring joy to those watching them. 

If you’re really into your cat’s breed, you could choose to get a wireless digital picture frame. You can setup these wireless frames to download pictures directly off the internet to your frame. You can easily integrate a Flickr account with your digital frame, and then stream other people’s pictures of their cats onto your frame as well. 

Digital photo frames are a great way to get people talking once they come over to your house. I’ve had this happen on more than one occasion, people are over and making small talk, when a cute picture comes onto the digital frame, and all of a sudden people start talking about it. It’s a great conversation starter (everyone has a cute kitten story!), and a great way to show off your favourite pictures of your cute kitty.