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A Unique Back to School Gift Idea

As the whole world is seemingly in ‘back to school’ mode, some people find themselves looking for gift ideas to commemorate a special school year. The first year at college away from home can be a hard one, and it is nice to give freshmen a gift that reminds them of home.

A digital picture frame is the perfect way to remind a student heading back to school of their friends and family back home. A great way to surprise your special person would be to purchase a digital frame, take some time to load it up with great memorable photos, then send it to them. It is always the first few weeks that are the loneliest; why not send a unique gift to cheer them up?

Back to school doesn’t need to be boring. In fact, one way to spice things up with a digital frame is to get a wireless model; one that allows you to share photos over the internet. The PixStar 8″ FotoConnect (click the link to watch our video review) in particular allows you to setup an email address unique to each frame. Then, in a matter of seconds, you can email a picture with a caption to a specific frame, from anywhere in the world.

Say your special student sets up the digital frame in their dorm room. Sharing photos by email, Facebook or FrameChannel has never been easier, and it offers a great way to stay in touch, not to mention conversation topics when you actually connect on the phone!

Certain frames will even play short videos, so you could send a video message to your child directly through the digital frame!

Back to school is a unique time of year – if you’re looking for a gift to give, why not consider a digital picture frame this school year? Your student will love it for sure.

Digital Frames as the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is fast approaching and if you haven’t picked something for you Pop yet, you might want to consider a digital picture frame!

With a digital frame, your father could display photos of family, vacations, his favorite hobby, sports scores, or you! All dads are wired a little differently, but a wireless digital frame always goes over well. Wireless frames offer integration with RSS feeds, allowing constantly updated sports feeds to be displayed.

Alternatively, you could setup the frame to display pictures of classic cars, take from a Flickr account.

If your dad is really into stocks; you could even setup his frame with pictures and the occasional stock feed as well! You don’t want to mix business and pleasure too much though, so you might want to keep that feature on the down low.

No matter how he ultimately ends up using it, chances are good that your father would appreciate a digital picture frame this Father’s Day. Why not check out our great selection? If you order soon, you can still have it in time.

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How to Pick a Digital Frame For a Grandparent Gift

Digital picture frames make excellent gift choices for grandparents, because although they are electronic, they can be setup with about as much hassle as turning on a light. Grandparents love seeing pictures of their children’s children, and digital photo frames can make that a constantly changing pleasure.

Here are four key things to look for when you’re purchasing a digital frame for an elderly person:

Bigger is Better

Most elderly people will appreciate a screen that is as large as possible. The fact is, our eyes get older along with the rest of the body, and a screen that is bigger is just that much easier to focus on and to watch. Don’t make them stand right in front of the screen, squinting!

Large Internal Memory

Pick a frame with a decent amount of internal memory. You want something that you can load up with lots of pictures and leave for their enjoyment. If you’re going to be the one updating the pictures for the grandparents, make sure you’ve got lots of memory to play with. Alternatively, you could also get one that is compatible with the memory card from your digital camera. Then, just buy a second flash memory card, and swap the cards from time to time.

Wireless Makes Life Simple

If you get a wireless digital frame, you can set it up to automatically update the pictures via the internet. All you need is a Flickr account and a wireless network, and you’re set. Wireless frames are quite simple to setup, and then from then on you can update your grandparent’s frame remotely, from your own house! Just call and let them know there’s new pictures on there, or wait until they call you to talk about them!

Multimedia Capability is Cool

I wouldn’t recommend getting too caught up in the various bells and whistles you can get with digital picture frames, however getting one with basic multimedia capability could be an appreciated feature. Wouldn’t it be nice to toss in the odd movie clip with sound in the midst of all those static photos?

Large digital picture frames can make great gifts for grandparents – just be sure to get one that is going to be a good fit for their needs. Remember – Large screen, large memory, wireless, and video!

Digital Frames Make Great College Graduation Gifts!

If you’re looking for a great college graduation gift to give that lucky graduate in your life, why not consider giving a digital picture frame? Digital picture frames make great gifts for several reasons. Here are a few tips to help guide you:

Bigger is Better

People always love big gifts. In the case of digital picture frames, bigger is usually better. The image is clearer, and easier to see. In addition, many college grads have pictures of their friends from school that they would like to see often, and large digital frames are great for displaying group shots, as well as nice large portraits.

They Are Timeless

Digital picture frames are timeless, in the sense that they’re not going to become outdated like many other gifts will! The beauty of giving a digital frame as a college graduation gift is that although initially the college grad will have a certain set of pictures on there, perhaps of your choosing, later on they can easily change the pictures to reflect their current tastes. This means that your gift will live on, always relevant.

Easily Customized

One of the coolest things you can do with a digital picture frame, especially when you’re giving it as a college graduation gift is to customize it with pictures before you give it. Special moments in the graduates life, pictures of friends, relatives or the graduation itself, can be great ways to customize this gift to perfectly match your grad’s tastes. Hobbies also represent great areas to draw on, if you’re looking for picture ideas.

In conclusion, digital picture frames can be a great college graduation gift idea, because you can customize the gift specifically to your grad, and because they can continue to appreciate it forever.