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Nathan Sawatzky Uses a Digital Spectrum MV1700

Our digital picture frames are successfully being used by many businesses to gain a competitive edge in their environments. Nathan Sawatzky is a professional wedding photographer in Vancouver who is effectively using his digital photo frame to grow his business. Here’s how he does it.

Professional Photographer Nathan SawatzkyThe number one way that wedding photographers generate new business is through referrals, word of mouth referrals from their satisfied customers. As you know, word of mouth is incredibly powerful advertising, but the trick is, how do you get people talking about you in the first place? As a photographer, if you’re as good during the photo shoot as Nathan is with his clients, you’re bound to get some compliments, and even referrals, but how can you put that into overdrive?

For Nathan, the solution was simple. Get your work in front of people when they will appreciate it the most. He did this with a digital picture frame from On the wedding day, immediately after the photo shoot, Nathan uses a laptop running Show It software to very quickly edit approximately 40 of the best pictures from the day, on the spot. He then uploads these 40 pictures to a CompactFlash memory card, which is easily inserted into his 17” Digital Spectrum Memory Frame MV1700.

Digital Spectrum 17" MV1700 Digital Photo FrameAs the wedding party returns to the reception, Nathan slips his MV1700 on the corner of the bar, along with a healthy stack of business cards. Nathan’s frame is equipped with an automatic slideshow feature, allowing him to merely turn it on, and walk away while beautiful photos of the lucky couple start showing all evening long.

Why It Works So Well

The benefits to this strategy should be obvious, but we’re going to lay them out for you just to be certain the brilliance is obvious to all.

  1. The bride and groom are delighted to have their precious photos displayed so quickly. At most weddings the guests do not usually get to see the professional photos (only their own), and, for the few guests that do get to see the photos, it is usually weeks later when the couple is back from honeymoon. For that matter, the couple themselves rarely see the pictures until then!
  2. The guests are excited about seeing the photos for the same reason. For logistical reasons, guests are not typically invited to the photo shoot along with the wedding party, so these photos are all new to them.
  3. Every time someone gets another drink from the bar they will see the photos playing off to the side. Nathan can testify that in many cases these people walk back to their table and immediately tell their friends about the photos that are playing by the bar.
  4. The photos get even better the more people take trips to the bar!
  5. At nearly every wedding there is someone in attendance who is soon to be getting married themselves, or has a close friend in that position. Nathan says the best time to get a business card into that persons’ hands is exactly as they are being overwhelmed by the beauty and professionalism of the work their friends’ received. Good thing that stack of business cards is right beside the digital picture frame!

Nathan Sawatzky uses a 17″ digital frame in his business – why don’t you too?

Four Ways to Boost Sales In a Travel Agency

Digital photo frames are perfectly suited to use in a travel agency. Many people think of these gadgets as only for use around the home, however savvy businesses are quickly putting these tools to use to help boost their sales and profits. Here are four ways that a travel agency can use a digital picture frame to help boost sales.

Advertise Amazing Deals!

Customer always love getting the best deal possible. In fact, if they got one that is really good, they’ll usually brag to their friends about it as well! Every travel agency I know of maintains a list of their amazing deals for that month. Why not create some brief slides outlining those deals and display them to customers while they’re in the store, waiting? It could be as simple as a great background photo with a price tag on it!

Most Popular Destinations

Any travel agent can tell you that although they often book trips all over the world, there are a handful of most popular destinations that their customers like to frequent. Hawaii, Vegas, Florida, etc. Why not prepare a half dozen photos of each of your top five (or more) destinations and cycle them through on a digital picture frame while people are waiting to be helped? Get those vacation juices flowing before you even talk to them!

Customer & Employee Photos

Why not use a digital picture frame as a way to develop a sense of community in your travel agency? Employees frequently take trips to the most popular destinations, so why not put one picture of each employee on site at one of your destinations on the digital picture frame? You can even extend the offer to your customers, and allow them to send you one picture from their holiday to display there as well!

Latest Cruise Deals

If there’s one type of vacation that people love, it’s cruises. People love seeing pictures of the big white cruise ships in exotic locations, and all the amazing amenities that can be found on board. Why not gather a collection of amazing pictures from the various cruise packages you offer, and display them in rotation on a digital picture frame, along with all-inclusive package prices on each picture? That will be sure to get your customers drooling!

Learn more about using digital picture frames for business.

Digital Frames in the Hospitality Industry

On a recent business trip to Dallas, the hotel I was staying at had digital picture frames placed in key locations around the hotel. Naturally, this caught my attention. I noticed them at the front desk, in the lobby, in the windows of some offices off the hallways, and at the reception desk in the restaurant. They were very large, I think only 7 or 8 inch frames, and they looked very classy. Each frame had the same slide show playing; a collection of professionally taken pictures of different parts of the hotel, showcasing their facilities and services.

The brilliant part of this strategy was that it gave the hotel an opportunity to cross-sell their services to their customer. I wasn’t even aware that they had such nice gym, sauna and spa facilities until I saw the pictures in the digital frame. People who stay in hotels on business trips don’t usually take the time to wander the hallways and see what else there is available. They just don’t have time. Therefore, without giving each person a sales pitch when the arrive, most people wouldn’t find out about these things.


The benefits in this particular case would be increased use of the hotel’s facilities, presumably leading to increased customer satisfaction, and therefore a higher rate of re-bookings. Anytime there is something you can do to impress on your customer that you are better than the competition, it is well worth doing.


The digital frames served the purpose of educating me about my options – on my own time, in a way that was interesting to me, and very quickly. I was free to walk right past if I chose, or if I wanted, I could quickly watch the whole slide show in about a minute.

You see, many businesses just focus on getting people in the door. However, once there, the next challenge is to see how you can serve them best, and therefore maximize their profit potential to you.


People can’t help but look at moving pictures. Have you ever been to someone’s house, trying to have a conversation, and the other person kept watching the TV, even though the sound was off? It’s the same idea. Our eyes are naturally drawn to the movement. Business owners can use this to their advantage by setting up a quick slide show on a digital frame. People will naturally stop and look, even for a brief moment. Use these few seconds to your advantage!

Simple to Implement

Setting up a slide show takes very little time on the part of the business owner, and then digital picture frame will function as a mini advertising node for as long as you want it to. It is not intrusive, and if done well, it will actually draw the customer’s attention for a brief minute, and hopefully give them something to think about.

So now that you’ve learned something that is working in another industry – don’t just file that away for posterity. Stop. Take a moment to think of one way you could use a digital picture frame in your business. It just might be easier to implement than you thought!

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Boost Restaurant Sales With A Digital Picture Frame

Digital picture frames can be used in any sort of business you can imagine; however, people often like seeing specific examples of how that might apply to their industry, so today we’re going to talk about restaurants in particular. How can a restaurant boost profits by using a digital photo frame? Here are four ideas:

Display Mouth Watering Images of Daily Specials

One of the big drawbacks of many restaurant menus, in my opinion, is the lack of mouth watering pictures. You’ll often find pictures, but in some places, they look like they were taken 30 years ago – not at all an appetizing site! Even if your menu doesn’t have pictures, it could be quite tasteful to put the savory shots near the front desk, so that as people arrive and are waiting to be seated they can see the various dishes you offer.

Display Seasonal Dishes

Do you create dishes with local seasonal ingredients? Why not highlight them to your guests by displaying them on a digital photo frame? You can even go a step further, and if you’re able, give some background on where the ingredients come from. Is it a specific farm? Are they hand picked? Let your guests know, they’ll appreciate it all the more!

Advertise Your Member’s Club

If you don’t have some sort of member’s club already, you really need to start one. Build an email list that you can market repeatedly to your best customers; this is a proven strategy that is paying off dividends for restaurants everywhere. A digital frame at the front reception area is a perfect way to advertise your email only members club. Give them a bonus for signing up!

Show Off Your Employee of the Month

If your restaurant has an employee of the month program, why not take a picture of the current winner, and display it along with a short bio right on the frame? Guests who are served by that person will find it extra special; plus it is an additional way of recognizing your most outstanding employees and thanking them.

Digital photo frames can be used to boost sales and profits in restaurants; even in classy ones. All you need to do is get creative.

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Choosing An Electronic Picture Frame

Electronic Picture FrameWhen you’re trying to decide on which electronic picture frame you want to buy, there are a few things you need to consider. Go through this checklist while considering your situation, as it will help you determine what to look for in an electronic picture frame.

Choosing An Electronic Picture Frame

First, you need to look at where you will be using the electronic picture frame. If at home, which room will it be situated in? If you’re planning on putting the electronic picture frame in a small room, you probably don’t need a very large frame; however if you’re planning on putting it in a living room or other larger area, you might want to consider one of the large digital frames instead. When you’re watching an electronic picture frame from across the room, you need to make sure it is large enough to see clearly; otherwise people will be forced to always get up and go close to the screen in order to enjoy it.

Second, you need to consider who will be using the electronic picture frame. Older people will usually appreciate a larger screen, as it allows them see the photos more clearly, and with less strain on their eyes.

Third, does the electronic picture frame need wireless capabilities? Wireless frames are one of the newer features, and as such, they do add to the cost somewhat. However, they also provide the ability to upload pictures without physically connecting the frame to a computer, and in some cases, they allow you to upload directly from your phone or via email. A wireless electronic picture frame is definitely more convenient, but in some situations, this extra luxury may not be necessary. Another thing to consider is how often you’ll be updating the electronic picture frame. If you plan on updating it very often, wireless may be the way to go. If you only plan on doing it every few months, then it probably won’t be a big hassle to simply connect the electronic picture frame to your PC every now and then.

The fourth thing to consider when choosing an electronic picture frame is of course cost. Are you buying it for yourself, or as a gift? Once you have an idea of what your budget is, that will in many cases determine to a degree what you’re able to buy. If you have a smaller budget, say less than $100, then you’re more likely going to have to settle for a fairly simple, smaller electronic picture frame. If however you can afford a bit more, perhaps closer to the $200 or $300 mark, then you’re likely to be able to find an electronic picture frame that is fully loaded with features, and also quite a large screen.

Local Caterer Uses Digital Frames as Marketing Tools

Claire runs a catering and party planning business has found a few very effective ways to use digital picture frames to gain a competitive advantage over her competitors. Her business specializes in cocktail parties, appetizers, hors d’oeuvres and tasting menus.

Digital Frames Can Advertise For You

Each year, she has several exhibitions at her home and also attends various industry conventions. At these events, she has used digital picture frames to describe no only her extensive menus, but also to describe the various services she offers as a caterer. The work involved is negligible; she just sets up several power point slides and then saves them in a pdf format. She then uploads them to her digital picture frame and is able to make a mini commercial that continuously scrolls in the frame.

Claire has a few extra special menu items, such as her signature hors d’oeuvres. For these recipes, she has offered a tasting menu of items with a digital picture frame set up next to the platter that lists the names and ingredients of all the items offered. One particular convention she attended was geared towards the restaurant business; her display was so popular that the large chain restaurants who were offering free coupons, promotional giveaways, free food, etc. were actually irritated that a small caterer such as herself was receiving so much attention!

Don’t Think Like The Competition

Claire likes to think outside the box when it comes to using her digital picture frame. Most of her competitors use traditional photo albums to show customers what their food looks like, how it is displayed, how the tables are setup and how the venues are decorated. Claire has taken this this marketing strategy into the twenty-first century, as she likes to use her digital picture frame instead. When meeting with a client, she will setup the digital picture frame, and while they are discussing menus and pricing, the frame will show a continuous slide show of her most beautiful work. More often than not, the client will see something in the slide show that will inspire them to think beyond what they initially had in mind. That’s alright with Claire, because that normally means a bigger sale for her!

Aim to Impress

Digital picture frames make for a very impressive display in any business setting. They catch the eye and you can’t help but watch as the frame scrolls through each and every frame. Claire has found them to be one of her most useful marketing tools, and when used properly, she’s found it can make for a really eye catching and beautiful display.

Smart businesses are those that learn from what others are doing in different industries, and adapt those ‘best practices’ to their own industry in a profitable way. In light of the current economic situation, it is more imperative than ever to learn what works, and apply it to your own business!

Take a moment right now, and think of one or two ways you can use a digital picture frame in your business!

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Using a Digital Frame as a Recipe Reader

Here’s a cool way you can use a digital picture frame – as a recipe reader in your kitchen! With all the online recipe sites out there it is very easy to get a recipe onto your frame. You could even use the frame as a way of storing your favorite recipes for easy recall later on!

Talk about cool kitchen gadgets!

4 Ways to Use Digital Picture Frames in a Doctor’s Office

Digital picture frames can be used quite effectively in doctor’s offices, as an informational aide, but also to help business. Here are four ways to do that:

1. Educate on New Treatments

Medicine is a rapidly growing and evolving field, and as such there are always new things being discovered to help us live healthier lives. Why not have brief info-nuggets on the latest of these treatments and techniques right in the waiting room? A digital picture frame can be just the solution for doing this. You can easily create a slide with the information you want on it, then upload it to the digital frame. This way, while patients are waiting they can get up to date on some of the latest health topics that are relevant to them, as what to do in certain health situations or information about supplements as like where to order Kratom online.

2. Provide Basic Health Advice

Some health advice is universal: drink 8 cups of water a day, make sure you’re staying active by taking walks, eat a healthy diet, etc. A doctor’s office is the perfect place to dispense this basic, universally relevant information. People waiting in a doctor’s office waiting room would read this information as it was flashed across a digital picture frame.

3. Display the Schedule

In any office that has more than one doctor, there are often days when particular doctors routinely work, and day that they normally get off. In your slideshow that you create for the digital picture frame, why not put a slide in there showing the days that each doctor is available? Patients will appreciate this because they can see at a glance which days are possible with their own schedules.

4. Show Baby Pictures!

Every general practice doctor’s office will have patients who are young mothers, and most are as proud as can be of their newborns. Why not allow your patients to submit their favorite pictures of their little ones, and intersperse some of those pictures into the slideshow? This would help build a sense of community, and mothers and relatives would be tickled pink to see their son or daughter on the digital frame when they walk in for their regular checkup.

Click here for more ideas on marketing your business with a digital picture frame.

Bed and Breakfast Marketing with Wireless Digital Picture Frames!

Do you own a bed and breakfast? If so, chances are that by the end of this article you’ll have found a new way to make money – pure profit, you will probably want to compare the bets list at right away. 

Most people only think of using digital picture frames to display family photos and the like. However, digital frames can be excellent marketing tools for business owners.!

So here’s the plan. You get a wireless digital picture frame for each room in your B&B, and place it in a tasteful location on a counter or dresser somewhere. Then you load up the digital frame with great examples of local photography. Now you’ve got something that shows appealing, local pictures to the guest.

Here comes the fun part, where you get to make some money!

Now that you have a wireless digital picture frame in each room, you go and speak with local business owners. Specifically, local restaurants and other popular tourist activities. Is there a river rafting company nearby? How about a classy Italian restaurant?

Talk to the business owners, and offer to sell them advertising on your digital frames! You can then create a simple slide for each business you will be promoting, and interject those slides into the mix of local pictures.

Your guests will love this because you’ll be providing them great local photography, yet at the same time giving them helpful recommendations for local activities.

How much you charge for this service is up to you, and would likely depend on the number of rooms you have in your bed and breakfast.

The beauty of using a wireless digital picture frame for this task is that you can automatically update the frame remotely, without ever having to enter the guest’s room. This way you could even broadcast daily breakfast specials directly to their night-table!

Now, how much would a restaurant owner pay for the privilege of being in that position?

Learn more about using digital picture frames for business.

A Unique Back to School Gift Idea

As the whole world is seemingly in ‘back to school’ mode, some people find themselves looking for gift ideas to commemorate a special school year. The first year at college away from home can be a hard one, and it is nice to give freshmen a gift that reminds them of home.

A digital picture frame is the perfect way to remind a student heading back to school of their friends and family back home. A great way to surprise your special person would be to purchase a digital frame, take some time to load it up with great memorable photos, then send it to them. It is always the first few weeks that are the loneliest; why not send a unique gift to cheer them up?

Back to school doesn’t need to be boring. In fact, one way to spice things up with a digital frame is to get a wireless model; one that allows you to share photos over the internet. The PixStar 8″ FotoConnect (click the link to watch our video review) in particular allows you to setup an email address unique to each frame. Then, in a matter of seconds, you can email a picture with a caption to a specific frame, from anywhere in the world.

Say your special student sets up the digital frame in their dorm room. Sharing photos by email, Facebook or FrameChannel has never been easier, and it offers a great way to stay in touch, not to mention conversation topics when you actually connect on the phone!

Certain frames will even play short videos, so you could send a video message to your child directly through the digital frame!

Back to school is a unique time of year – if you’re looking for a gift to give, why not consider a digital picture frame this school year? Your student will love it for sure.