Your Business & Digital Picture Frames

Digital picture frames are successfully being used by American businesses to increase sales and boost profits. If you’re a business owner, then read the information on this page carefully. Digital frames are being used by all kinds of different businesses (and not just small ones!) to increase the value of their time with their customers. Here are several different ways that our clients are using digital frames in their industries. If you think for a minute, I’m sure you’ll find a way to apply these ideas to your own business!

Wedding Photography

One of our clients is successfully using a large digital picture frame in his wedding photography business. He sets it up at the bar during the reception, and uses it as an advertising and lead generation tool.


This smart entrepreneur is using her digital picture frames to put her competition to shame at trade shows, and to wow her customers during the sales pitch. She consistently closes higher value sales as a result!


This marketing-savvy hotel uses digital picture frames to educate customers about their full range of services that are available. Digital frames are distributed throughout the hotel in key locations, informing customers of what else is available.

Bed and Breakfast

Here’s a simple plan that you can implement in your bed and breakfast to boost your bottom line! Use a wireless digital picture frame and implement this idea and watch your profits rise!


Restaurants have also benefited from digital picture frames. One restaurant owner took mouth-watering photos of his best dishes and displays them in a slideshow near the reception area, as guests are waiting to be seated. Read this article for four more ways a restaurant owner can use a digital frame to boost sales.

Doctor’s Office

Here are four cool ways you can use a digital picture frame in a doctor’s office. Think of more? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

Travel Agency

Here are four easy ways you can use a digital picture frame in your travel agency business. These ideas will help you increase sales, and at the same time increase customer satisfaction!


Digital photo frames work well in the retail environment as well. One store owner puts a digital frame at the checkout counter to entice customers into buying something they hadn’t thought of yet.