Bed and Breakfast Marketing with Wireless Digital Picture Frames!

Do you own a bed and breakfast? If so, chances are that by the end of this article you’ll have found a new way to make money – pure profit!

Most people only think of using digital picture frames to display family photos and the like. However, digital frames can be excellent marketing tools for business owners.

So here’s the plan. You get a wireless digital picture frame for each room in your B&B, and place it in a tasteful location on a counter or dresser somewhere. Then you load up the digital frame with great examples of local photography. Now you’ve got something that shows appealing, local pictures to the guest.

Here comes the fun part, where you get to make some money!

Now that you have a wireless digital picture frame in each room, you go and speak with local business owners. Specifically, local restaurants and other popular tourist activities. Is there a river rafting company nearby? How about a classy Italian restaurant?

Talk to the business owners, and offer to sell them advertising on your digital frames! You can then create a simple slide for each business you will be promoting, and interject those slides into the mix of local pictures.

Your guests will love this because you’ll be providing them great local photography, yet at the same time giving them helpful recommendations for local activities.

How much you charge for this service is up to you, and would likely depend on the number of rooms you have in your bed and breakfast.

The beauty of using a wireless digital picture frame for this task is that you can automatically update the frame remotely, without ever having to enter the guest’s room. This way you could even broadcast daily breakfast specials directly to their night-table!

Now, how much would a restaurant owner pay for the privilege of being in that position?

Learn more about using digital picture frames for business.

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