Audiovox DPF808 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame

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Audiovox DPF808 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame
Manufacturer: Audiovox
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Product Description

Audiovox DPF808 digital picture frame displays your pictures as crisp, colorful images on its 8-inch high-resolution display. Frame offers the perfect 4:3 aspect ratio, assuring that each of your pictures will be viewed proportionally with little or no distortion when displaying industry standard images. The image Scalar Technology manipulates odd-sized pictures to fill the screen with no distortion - eliminating what would otherwise be blank boarders around your pictures. Have fun customizing this frame to fit your specific styles and tastes with the option to choose from multiple picture mattings and three interchangeable frames: black, white and woodgrain. You can enjoy viewing your pictures in a variety of displays including one picture at a time or as a slide show. Frame supports MP3 files so that you can play your favorite songs while viewing your pictures. Photos can be transferred through a PC connection, via a USB cable, into the built-in memory space that allows you to view up to 120 pictures. If you want to display more pictures on your digital picture frame, there is an internal memory card reader that supports multiple types of memory cards as well as a USB port for USB flash connection. Frame features unique digital media and scheduling software that includes a clock, calendar and sleep timer. Help save energy by using the sleep time to turn the frame off at the time you specify. Remote control included making it easy to control frame from across the room. Frame can be mounted on the wall or displayed on a table or shelf, giving you a variety of options to find the right place to display your cherished pictures.

Product Details

  • 4:3 aspect ratio; 800x600 pixels
  • Built-in memory stores up to 120 pictures
  • 4-way card reader supports: XD, CF, SD, MMC and MS; port for USB storage and PC connection
  • Supports JPEG and MP3 files
  • AC powered

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