2 Ways to Proudly Show Off Your Cute Kitten Pictures

If you’ve got a kitten as cute as I do, chances are you’re frequently taking pictures of him (or her!) in the cutest poses you can manage. Kittens have a way of bringing out the photographer in all of us – those cuddly balls of fur that just beg to have their picture taken. 

Once you’ve taken all those pictures, what do you do next? I’d suggest using a digital picture frame to proudly display those photos to anyone who visits your house. 

Digital picture frames can easily hold hundreds if not thousands of photos, and you can even add sound if you want! By putting your favourite, cutest pictures into a slideshow, you’ll quickly get your guests talking about one of your favourite subjects; your cute kitten! 

The thing with kittens is that they’re not always kittens. Sooner or later they grow up into cats, and although cats are nice, everyone loves kittens. Having pictures of the kitten stage flashing up on your digital frame will always bring joy to those watching them. 

If you’re really into your cat’s breed, you could choose to get a wireless digital picture frame. You can setup these wireless frames to download pictures directly off the internet to your frame. You can easily integrate a Flickr account with your digital frame, and then stream other people’s pictures of their cats onto your frame as well. 

Digital photo frames are a great way to get people talking once they come over to your house. I’ve had this happen on more than one occasion, people are over and making small talk, when a cute picture comes onto the digital frame, and all of a sudden people start talking about it. It’s a great conversation starter (everyone has a cute kitten story!), and a great way to show off your favourite pictures of your cute kitty.

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